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About GNH

GNH brings 30 years of experience in corporate solutions, IT and consulting.

GNH pioneered on technologies that are of paramount importance today for digital transformation initiatives in many industries.

GNH experienced implementations of AI solutions as early as in the 90’s combined with enterprise ready educational programs of what AI was capable of providing to companies in areas including BPA (Business Process Automation) and BPR (Business Process Reengineering).


For Deloitte today in 2020, Digital Reality represents the next digital transformation. It changes how we engage with technology, through augmented-, virtual-, and mixed-reality, 360 video, and immersive experiences that are at once intuitive and data-rich, and which put the human user at the center of design.


Since 2001, GNH has been helping leaders in many industries - including Auto, Aero, CPG, Retail, Energy, AEC, Entertainment - define strategies, introduce and leverage Virtual Reality solutions within their organizations and optimize design, engineering, manufacturing process with clear business value assessment and reckoned ROI.

Since 2009, GNH has been working with large companies and medium businesses to leverage augmented reality, and interactive 3D technologies, defining new immersive customer-facing digital initiatives, always relying on solid understanding of all business implications of these emerging technologies.

Today, thanks to continuously evolve and learn, GNH stays at the forefront of innovation while always keeping in mind how the business impacts of new technologies will positively influence GNH clients’ strategies, business decisions, and outcomes. 

Contact us to tell us about your challenges, your projects. You can benefit from our rich experience partnering with our clients on high value projects, and we’ll define together how you can best leverage our expertise and our network. 

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