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It all begins here. GNH Technologies is your provider to support and address your technology and information needs to make wise business decisions, and reach the pinnacle of success. You want to start a conversation? It's easy, just click on the button below!

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Our Services

The guidance you need for each technology related decision.

Looking to grow your business?

Making business decisions relying on new technologies you need to evaluate ?

GNH Technologies is here to provide you with all the information you need in order to reach your goals.

Our services are based on fours pillars.

  1. You need an expert's update and analysis of a technology landscape before preparing your strategic plans ? Ask for our Strategic Advisory

  2. You need to estimate the potential value of a technology, and decide on investing further? Work with us on Technology Assessment.

  3. Are you preparing a new RFP for a new solution to be implemented? Let's work together on Corporate Solution Process.  

  4. Looking for the most appropriate technology for solving a business problem that is not completely defined yet within your company nor on your market? Then leverage our network and our expertise, and let's collaborate on Technology Sourcing.

Strategic Advisory

Technology overview

Make better, more informed business decisions. 
Analysis of technology landscape and its potential on selected markets.
Business value assessment of a technology solution for potential customers.
Make sure business decisions makers understand services and products capabilities as they currently are, plus what the potential is, to anticipate and build relevant strategic plans.

Technology Assessment

What is the potential value ?

GNH Technologies helps decision makers understand what is unique in a technology or a company under evaluation.
At due diligence, technology assessment is key to determine how enterprise ready the solutions are, how competitive they are and if they differentiate enough on the market. Same regarding scalability and security.

Corporate Solution Process

Optimize your bidding process

For every digital transformation initiative, make sure your RFP contains all information needed for contenders to bring the most value.
Identify key vendors from diverse horizons and receive an extensive range of ideas.
Technology support during all phases of examination of tenders.
Technology guidance post RFP

Technology Sourcing

via Innovation Advisory

Unlock the potential of the right technology and the right partners for your toughest business problems.
Identify new vendors, evaluate most compelling solutions and select the most efficient partners for your specific needs.
You benefit from 20 years of expertise, our network, and our experience defining and implementing innovative solutions.

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We work with marquee names of the industry, as well as seed investors, VC's,  research labs, and innovative companies from all industries.
They all share a passion for innovation and rely on the best technologies to make an impact and reach their goals.

GNH Technologies believes in partnerships, collaborative work, and shared successes. Strong of this approach and a customer obsession mindset, GNH Technologies works tirelessly to ensure that all clients get high satisfaction from our work, ... and come back!

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PARC, Palo Alto Research Center

Creative Synergy

Located in Silicon Valley, PARC is a renowned scientific research and Open Innovation company that’s been at the heart of some of the most important technological breakthroughs of our time.

GNH worked with PARC supporting them on business assessment and corporate strategy, competitive analysis, technical assessment, product road maps, and use case definition for PARC portfolio of assets and prototypes based on AR, VR. IoT and AI. 


Blu Homes

Blu Homes revolutionizes prefab homebuilding with GNH Technologies' support.

The kinematics BH employs for folding their homes for shipping demand a fairly abnormal level of precision compared to what the building industry is used to. GNH technology evaluation team identified, evaluated and qualified the right technology from the Aerospace industry capable of providing the level of precision and flexibility needed for specific BH design scenarios.
GNH provided technology advisory for defining and implementing the whole value chain for BH; from customer-facing digital initiatives - the consumer creates and virtually tours his dream home online before purchasing it - to manufacturing process - the BIM is generated from the consumer centered configurator and validated according to complex configuration rules.
GNH technology support pushed the enveloppe on BH patent creation on each particular innovative process and implementation, and this was instrumental in BH successful rounds of funding. BH has raised a total of $197M in funding over 5 rounds.

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Successful Collaboration

GNH provides technology support to Accenture global initiative to develop new industry solutions for CG, CPG and Retail markets. GNH leads a technology evaluation aiming at selecting the next generation platform for virtual solutions in these industries. GNH recommendations helped Accenture win a key reference in this industry when P&G has transitioned their Virtual Services to Accenture who has been managing the end-to-end global service delivery, via a multi-year outsourcing agreement. GNH helps Accenture give the market access to the latest and most efficient technologies while raising the quality of services, and allowing their clients to focus on the strategy, innovation and decision-making.

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GNH Technologies supports corporate business development initiatives for the leading provider of software scientific simulation of light.

ANSYS, a $1B revenues company, develops and markets engineering simulation software.
As a member of the Innovation Committee, GNH supports a corporate business development initiative for the leading provider of software scientific simulation of light, human vision and physics-based visualization, acquired by ANSYS. Activities include technology assessment and market studies for knowledgeable decisions on product management and portfolio integration to provide the best solutions for radar, lidar and camera simulation, thus offering the new generation platform for the development of autonomous vehicle.

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